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Studia Orientalia Tartuensia

Studia Orientalia Tartuensia. Series Nova

Editorial information

Editor-in-Chief: Märt LÄÄNEMETS (Centre for Oriental Studies, University of Tartu)

Editorial board: Audrius BEINORIUS (Vilnius University, Indian and South Asian Studies), Manfried DIETRICH (University of Münster, Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies), Peeter ESPAK (University of Tartu, Ancient Near Eastern Studies), Sebastian FINK (University of Innsbruck, Ancient History and Ancient Near Eastern Studies), Frank KRAUSHAAR (University of Latvia, Chinese Studies), Tarmo KULMAR (University of Tartu, Comparative Study of Religions), Jaan LAHE (Tallinn University, Religious History of the Roman Empire), Sergey LEPEKHOV (Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulan-Ude, Buddhist Studies), Victoria LYSENKO (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Indian Studies), Jaan PUHVEL (Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, University of California, Indo-European and Anatolian comparative philology and linguistics), Vladimir SAZONOV (University of Tartu, Ancient Near Eastern and Islamic Studies), Siddharth SINGH (Banaras Hindu University, Buddhist Studies), Ülo VALK (University of Tartu, Comparative Folkloristics).

Volumes available

Vol. 3. Tarmo Kulmar, Märt Läänemets (eds.). Humanistic Base Texts and the Mahāyāna Sūtras. Studia in Honorem Linnart Mäll. 2008. 374 p. ISBN 978-9985-4-0540-6.

Vol. 5. Märt Läänemets, Teet Toome (eds.). Studies in early Mahāyāna literature and art. 2012. 126 p. ISBN 978-9985-4-0692-2.

Vol. 6. Peeter Espak, Märt Läänemets, Vladimir Sazonov (eds.). When Gods Spoke: Researches and Reflections on Religious Phenomena and Artefacts. Studia in honorem Tarmo Kulmar. 2015. 435 p. ISBN 978-9949-32-980-9.
Vol. 8. Vladimir Sazonov, Holger Mölder, Peeter Espak, Andres Saumets (eds.). Cultural Crossroads in the Middle East: The Historical, Cultural and Political Legacy of Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict from the Ancient Near East to the Present Day. 2020. Second revised and expanded edition. 430 p. ISBN 978-9949-03-520-5.

ISSN 1736-115X
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